Welcome to the website of Kelli Shiroma: foodie, journalist and Hawaii local.

On this site, you’ll see some of Kelli’s unique journalistic opportunities, published pieces, fun foodie adventures and favorite blogs.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

Catching Up with Francis Chan

When Christian author Francis Chan visited Hawaii to speak at New Hope O’ahu’s 2011 “Simply Jesus” Conference, Kelli had the chance to interview him for the church’s bi-monthly publication.

Understanding the “Hole” Story Behind Stan’s Donuts

In November 2012, Kelli met and interviewed Stan Berman, the owner of the renowned “Stan’s Donuts,” located in Westwood. Not only did she receive some delicious donuts, but Kelli also learned the heart behind the small eatery that boasts big flavors.

Launching The Food Critique Blog

In March 2013, “The Food Critique Blog” was born – a joint initiative between Kelli and a fellow foodie to review and chronicle their experiences while eating their way through cities like Los Angeles and Honolulu.